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Heatless - HL Series


Gemini is a complete air treatment solution that is provided standard with oil removal 0.01 micron coalescing pre-filter, desiccant towers for moistureremoval and low pressure drop 1 micron particle removal after filter all in onecompact package. Our single point air inlet and outlet locations and 115 volt standard outlet connections make installation a snap. Differential pressure indicators and a pre filter drain are provided with every dryer. The steel support frame provides unit integrity so there is no distortion during shipment and installation, making moving, placing and anchoring easy.

All EAP HL Dryers are designed to provide a minimum of minus 40 degrees F/C

pressure dew point. Design inlet conditions are based on CAGI ADF100

standards for compressed air at 100 PSIG and 100 degrees F (380C)

inlet temperature.

EAP Heatless Air Dryers ensure the best air quality possible so your

manufacturing process can operate at peak efficiencies and without

downtime losses. Our experienced team has created a series of dryers

that use up to 50% fewer moving parts, “soft switching” valves and a solid

steel frame assembly to ensure structural integrity. All units are equipped

with accurate and dependable Allen-Bradley PLC digital controls, visual

indication of dew point condition and unit status of operation.


Engineered Air Products Ecotronic Monitoring System (EMS) is available for all heatless dryers.  Ecotronic will give you a constant indication on how your plant air system is performing. There are 2 alarm contacts to give you the ability to install an alarm to immediately advise your personnel of a problem with your air system.  In addition to the alarm contact, there is also a remote set of terminals that you can use to remote your dew point reading to another location within your facility. Let the Engineered Air Products Ecotronic put your mind at ease today!

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