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Single Tower - HS Series


The Star Ship of the EAP line is the very unique “Turbo” Single Tower Regenerative Air Dryer. The Turbo, designed for up to 16 hours of continuous operation, uses ZERO PURGE AIR during the drying process and regeneration is automatic when off line, usually during the overnight hours. Operating costs are lower than a refrige dryer and a -40 degree dewpoint is assured. That’s about 0.165 gallons in 1000 cfm over 24 hours. This is a whole new ball game in the industrial dryer market and you have to wonder now, why anyone would ever consider buying a refrige dryer for one or two shift operations.

HS Turbo Dryer is a desiccant air drying system that provides air quality consistent with adsorption

technology, yet costs less to operate than a refrigerated dryer. With only two moving parts and rugged

construction, Turbo’s simplicity will impress, and perform beyond your expectations.

Turbo lets you focus on your process, not the utility that drives it....

EAP Turbo heat reactivated desiccant air dryers use the adsorption method to remove moisture from compressed air. Pressure dew points as low as -40F/C are achieved by directing the flow of saturated compressed air over a bed of desiccant. The most commonly used desiccant is activated alumina, a spherically shaped, hygroscopic material, selected for its consistent size, shape and extreme surface to mass ratio. This physically tough and chemically inert material is contained in an ASME pressure vessel. As the saturated compressed air flows through the adsorbtion tower, its moisture content adheres to the surface of the desiccant. The dry compressed air is then discharged from the vessel into the distribution system. A master controller puts the unit into the regeneration mode once a day at the users selected time. Regeneration, sometimes referred to as “purging”, is the process of stripping the accumulated moisture from the desiccant bed. EAP Turbo heat reactivated dryers combine heat with forced ambient air to affect regeneration. Regeneration requires no compressed air or heat of compression and is self contained. As heated, low pressure, purge air flows gently through the regenerating bed, it desorbs the moisture that had accumulated on the surface of the desiccant duringthe drying cycle and exhausts it to the atmosphere.

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